MC Multimedia Player

MC Multimedia Player 4.0

It is a free Flash video player which you can use on your own website
4.0 (See all)

MC Media Player is a free Flash video player which you can download and use on your own website.
This player allows you to display any number of videos, audio tracks and still images in one easy interface. The player is designed to be used on a website but can function on a local drive as well.
Main Features :
- Playlist menu with unlimited files, folders and subfolders.
- Search files by title, description and/or keywords.
- Display synchronized SWF or image files with additional information, links, advertisements, etc.
- Specify clips to appear before and/or after selected items (e.g. advertisements).
- Automatically play files in sequence.
- Dynamically link to specific files.
- Allow users to download files.
- Allow users to play files from custom URLs.
- Supported file types: FLV, H.264 (mov, mp4), MP3, SWF, JPG, GIF, PNG.
- Flash Player version: 8 or higher (H.264 requires
- Total size: 720 x 360 pixels (119KB).
- Video screen size: 480 x 288 pixels.
- Files of larger dimensions are automatically reduced in size to fit the screen; smaller files can be increased in size to fill the screen.
- You can resize the entire player but some distorted text will occur.

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